The Fun Running Arm of Athletics NSW

Athletics NSW is the governing body for the sport of athletics in NSW. It is the largest member association of Athletics Australia (AA) with more than 7000 members. Athletics NSW hosts events throughout the year across the State. Athletics NSW boasts 7 full time staff and the same number of casual and contact staff. There are over 100 registered technical volunteer officials who assist with delivering events.

The RunNSW Series

Run NSW is the specific name attached to a series of Fun Run events hosted and/or supported by Athletics NSW. The series aims to bring fun runners of all ages and abilities into contact with Athletics NSW through low cost, well presented community fun runs. The series is held in regional areas across NSW and as much as possible uses the resources available within the community. Run NSW has relationships with local SES units, Police, Rotary Clubs, local councils and both Little Athletics and Senior athletics clubs.

The Waratah Run Series

The Waratah Run Series is a rebranded and remodelled set of cross country, road races and relays events. These events are for participants of all ages and abilities, and focus on participant enjoyment and on the day entertainment. Formally known as the ‘Athletics NSW Winter Series’, the Waratah Run Series will encompass both Championship events as well as community based social events. Click here for more information.

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