RunNSW Launches RunNSW Virtual 10 with Sportility

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass postponement and cancellation of sporting events around Australia, RunNSW, the recreational running arm of Athletics NSW, has responded by creating a new running community, the RunNSW Strava Club and launching the RunNSW Virtual Series 5K (RunNSW Virtual 5).

Held from 17 April – 10 May 2020, the inaugural RunNSW Virtual Series 5 was an immediate success and unparalleled in the business’ short history. It saw over 1,200 registrations, 600 unique participants, 720 results and 115 new 5km personal best times achieved, with previous barriers to participation, such as geography, overcome.

The average running time for the participants in the event indicated that recreational runners (who make up the majority of the running landscape around Australia), were engaged with the event. Four times as many participants were from regional NSW when compared to the largest RunNSW running event in 2019 and 80% of those who engaged with the V Series were not part of the core community.

Following the success of the RunNSW Virtual Series 5, and based on the feedback of participants, the 10km was naturally the next step. Taking place on 13 July 2020, the RunNSW Virtual 10 will include the 10km distance, as well as the introductory “family and kid-friendly” 2km virtual event. Both events have no boundaries to participation – whether it be ability, background, geographical, chronological, or financial.

As part of the RunNSW Virtual 10, Athletics NSW has partnered with leading sports sponsorship platform, Sportility to deliver a next-level virtual run experience.

Sportility will provide high-quality affordable merchandise exclusive to RunNSW Virtual 10 runners, with the support of its platform sponsors including Optus, Petzyo and Uno Home Loans. The unique RunNSW Virtual 10 running shirts are engineered for performance with advanced moisture-wicking and SportFit material. Available for purchase here.

Join the RunNSW community by registering for the RunNSW Virtual 1, and unlock your opportunity to purchase a one-time-only unique line of V Run merch.

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